World Community Fund

In addition to a new way of thinking and attitude towards money, a new way of dealing with money is necessary. Neither impact investing nor sustainability nor purpose brings about change. Today we are talking about a profound change in our monetary system. The grandseigneurs of the American financial industry find themselves and of the sprawl of capitalism criticized by society at large: How can it be that few people earn the most and most people earn very little? But the grandseigneurs have no solution for this condition.

A new modus operandi is required. One of the solutions is a World Community Fund – a Fund for the Common Good. This fund helps to build and finance communities, establish community projects, support and accompany people in the implementation of their projects, and establish national, regional and local community funds.

We are building this global fund, which has as its mission to flow money into channels that benefit society and not just a few in the world. This fund will – at the local level – manage the savings of citizens, grant them loans, provide for their old age and cover insurance.

With this worldwide fund, we are pioneers and fighter for a new path of capitalism. We also invite the grandseigneurs to participate. The new monetary system will become a great success when the capital (the investors) has found a new purpose: to support people and their projects.

Our model will help to balance the gap between rich and poor, to achieve people’s satisfaction, to promote the new generation, to create a new economy and to finally get the injustices in the world under control.