Rafael Kasischke learned his trade in the financial industry. His area of expertise, money, has become his mission. Born and raised in Hamburg, Rafael began his career at Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika AG. He worked for the bank in Hamburg, Ecuador and Venezuela for ten years. International experiences in Latin America, the U.S.A. and Europe shaped his life. After Dresdner Bank, he worked for Swiss banks: BHF-Bank Schweiz AG, Pictet & Cie. and Credit Suisse. Afterwards he managed his own investment firm, Swiss Investment Group AG, and the Swiss Investment Fund.

The experiences he gained over many years as a private banker with very wealthy have given him a deep insight into people and their connection to money. He realized that the money and the psyche of people are in symbiosis. Money makes many people happy on the outside, but not on the inside. Inside they are full of fear and sorrow for their material; an exaggerated focus on financial safety leads to greed for even more money. They lose, so to speak, the appreciation of the true value of money; their attention is concentrated on the external value rather than the intrinsic value of money.

Today, Rafael teaches a new awareness of money. He connects the exterior, the material, with the inner, our psyche, our emotions and our soul. He guides people to turn to a new monetary system, which brings the inner side of human beings, rather than materialism, to the forefront. This new system is supported and financed by the World Community Fund. Rafael stands for MONEY & SPIRIT, a way of thinking for which it is finally time to be implemented and be brought into the world.