Education House

In our educational house we teach about the essence of mankind and life – the true, unmaterialistic meaning of life. Only few follow today’s call to action: “Parents, teachers and universities: Teach us life”. Neither the parental home nor the schools and universities are in a position to discover and promote innate talents, individual gifts and strengths. Instead, parents and institutions point out to us: “You have to study and become qualified to earn money and to make your living.”

It is our claim to teach people life. We show the way out of deception, fear and greed and help answer questions such as: Who am I? Why are we here? What’s our mission?

Why are the answers to these questions important for people, especially for our children? They are important because they can lead people to rely on themselves, on their inner strength and find support from within themselves instead of from external sources. We want to awaken people’s joy, enthusiasm and curiosity about life, so that self-confidence, meaning and higher knowledge can find their way into their lives.