The mission of The HEALTH & WEALTH Institute is to support people in their inside – providing them with inner stability, confidence, knowledge, health as well as joy of life, and in their outside – increasing their outer wealth.

We humans are born with health and potential. So far, we have done little to preserve this natural health, nor to uncover and explore our individual potentials, gifts and talents in order to reach inner fulfillment.

Instead, we seek our fulfillment through external things – career jobs, status symbols, possessions, money, and power. Only a few recognize the true core of man – his gifts, creativity, passion, joy, heart, mission, higher consciousness.

Thus, some people are not in balance between internal and external values. Due to their focus on the outside, they are not stable on the inside. There are people who collapse internally. The founder’s brother was one of them. We want to prevent that.

Therefore, it is our concern to show people their wonderful inner treasure so that they become strong internally. We support people to discover their true core, to unfold it and bring it to bloom so that human beings become happy and healthy.

At the same time, the education and support of the young generation is close to our hearts as well as the awareness training of parents, teachers, professors and business executives. It’s about self-awareness and personal growth as well as health and a new way of dealing with money.

Our house is built on three columns: Education, Health and Money. We teach and research in these three areas.